Dog and cat meat trade: The future of the battle

The unsound custom of eating dog and cat meat has been brought to debate for decades and has achieved considerable outcomes. It is facing strong criticism from across the globe as well as in those countries that remain this habit. The young generation is exposed to the internet more significantly than their parents, hence they usually see cats and dogs as companions and friends rather than merely as domestic animals and a type of food.  The real success of many campaigns within the cause is not only changing people’s attitude but also persuading them to act via protests, donations, animal rescue groups, volunteer associations, petitions, etc. Remarkably, there are more than three million people have signed petitions to stop Yulin, the annual festival of eating dog meat in China.


Although many people who advocate the practice argue that it is a part of their culture and other regions should respect this difference, no cultural value should be involved with cruelty and against the evolution of mankind like that. In fact, no culture is stagnant; it evolves and progresses.

As a result, many activists and NGOs attempting to change people’s perception about the dog and cat meat trade have a really optimistic belief that this practice will be diminished and totally disappear someday. In fact, the attempt to tackle this issue has made a critical step to decline dog meat sales by a third in 2014, in comparison to the previous year There are many dog/cat meat serving restaurants have closed, even in those cities considered hubs of dog meat cuisine, partly because of the decreasing demand, partly because these restaurants’ owners are afraid of karma . However, the issue remains unresolved when millions of these pets are still killed for their meat every year. More effort from activists is still needed to completely end this taboo.


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