Cat smuggling

Cat smuggling is not new, but the practice has become more widespread recently. Most of these cats are originated from China, others are sometimes smuggled across the border of Thailand and Laos. Tons of alive cats load off in cages have been reported to be seized by Vietnamese authorities in recent years. This is due to the rising demand for cat meat at many eateries in this country. While in 1998, the government banned the practice of trading and eating cat meat to control the overpopulation of rat. However, since pesticide became a more effective way to solve the problem, people have gradually neglected the regulation. Known as “the little tiger”, cat meat is a delicacy in Vietnam and its market seemingly does not shrink at all.


Sadly, even the legislators still go to these cat meat restaurants. Perhaps the practice of eating cat meat only ends when people stop eating dog meat. These intelligent animals both have to suffer the same cruelty in those eateries.

The most terrible feeling of a pet keeper would be losing our beloved companion, even worse when we know that our cat has become a dish for someone else. It is not even a death that comes easily and peacefully to them, it is the real hell when the extremeness of pain and fear is experienced.

People lock them up in dirty tiny cages, where alive and dead cats are put together. They use boiled water to kill them and remove the their skins. Meat is delivered to the kitchen while bones are used as broth.

Perhaps, monsters aren’t real, but humans are.


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