Can dog farms solve the problem?

Perhaps the most seemingly ‘ethical’ country that consumes dog meat is Korea. Unlike the illegal trade of smuggling and stealing happening everyday in Vietnam and China, Korea has established a system of dog farms to specifically meet the need of dog meat eating only. This solution was an attempt to counter criticism from animal lovers in this country, yet the root of the problem has not been solved due to concerns about sanitary and humanity.6a01156f3fc9e0970c014e8985f9fd970d

Dog farms operate as a breeding factory, treating these animals as nothing more than a commercial product. They are crammed in small cages, housed in filthy environment and not allowed out for a walk like our pets. These cages are all that they will ever know for the whole of their lives, which is unnatural and inhumane. As dog is considered to be a smart animal, they face a high possibility of suffering from mental trauma and behavioral disorders as a result of not being socialised. Many people used to misunderstand that these dogs are a special kind of livestock that is raised for the eating purpose only, and they have got it terribly wrong. They are the same as any other dogs kept as pet in your family.

Besides, these dogs typically don’t meet adequate conditions about sanitary. In fact, diseased dogs are still provided to dog meat restaurants and there is no way eaters can tell the differences. Even eating stressed dogs is unhealthy for human. Fear, pain and strain when animals are being slaughtered or waiting to be slaughtered results in adverse effects for people who eat these dogs’ meat.

Dog farms is not a solution. They are just an excuse attempting to legalise and normalise this horrifying custom of eating human companion’s meat.


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