Stop eating dog meat for our children’s sake

Recently, the Internet community in Vietnam witnessed a touching moment of a little girl crying while sitting next to her passed-away friend. More importantly, her best friend was a slaughtered dog being prepared to be ready for the eating.

viber image

The photo was liked and shared by people all over the place in Vietnam in order to warn the Vietnamese themselves to look back at their eating habit. Eating dog meat is not something new in Vietnam due to their style of living is affected by the environments lacking resources.

This topic has been raised by dog and cat lovers several years ago. If we are teaching our children that dog is our best friend, but eating dogs right in front of their eyes. Does that not mean to secretly tell our children eating our best friends is a right thing?

Besides, the children themselves have to suffer a great loss from losing their friend which can lead them to mental disordered issues and extremely affect their behaviors in the future.

The bottom line is to stop eating our children’s friend or else, maybe one day our children will become a butcher just because they witnessed a murdered scene from their past.


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