The cruelty of human beings

For pet owners, I believe that dogs or cats are not just a pet. These animals have become our friends, our family members, stay with us as a companion, a guardian, a soulmate. And, what would you feel, if one day you see your beloved pet’s throat is hooked by thieves? Just one second not paying attention to your pets, they have become the main ingredient in other people’s dish out there. These thieves still continue to strike fear into the heart of pet owners in Asian countries, where the pet meat eating habit has never been easy to break.


People say cats and dogs are just animals. But with us, those animals are friends. Nothing can compare with the loss of our pets. It is even more horrific when you see they are caught in front of your bare eyes and even a mere thought of what will happen next makes you shiver already.

They are squeezed in dirty tiny wire cages.

They are suffered from starving, thirsty and mental trauma.

They die during the journey.

They witness their fellow-creatures brutally killed, beaten, skinned, with throats cut open…

We start to feel aversion towards those people, towards those thieves, slaughterhouses, restaurants, traders… We wish they were the one who would suffer the pain instead of our pets.

And the last time we saw the TV news about a dog theft was caught and beaten by villagers, we felt content with the fact that they had paid the price.

We get angry, and feel satisfy when we can give way to that anger. We allow ourselves to become cruel to those thieves because they were cruel to our pets first, but we do not realise they are just the same nature of cruelty.

That moment, we have also become cold-blooded.

At the end of the day, what is the point of eating dog or cat meat, while there is no significant benefit but only triggering fierceness and brutality among human beings?


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