Unexpected dangers of dog meat.

There’s a truth about dog meat that is usually underestimated, that it can transmit rabies from dogs to people and other animals. Not even workers in slaughterhouse with the high possibility of being bit by dogs, those eaters can easily be affected with the disease causing about 26 to 55 millions deaths worldwide per year. In 2007, Vietnam suffered from a rabies outbreak with approximately 30% of the deaths attributable to the slaughter of dogs for meat. Not only meat derived from dogs with rabies is dangerous, but the meat of those have been vaccinated can also gradually affect human central nervous system over time. The time period between contracting the disease and the start of symptoms is usually 1-3 months, which poses many difficulties to treatment, as once visible symptoms appear, it nearly always results in death.

Another danger when eating dog meat is the possibility of being infected by toxocara canis, or dog roundworm. In addition, infections like E.coli 107 and salmonella, anthrax, brucellosis, etc. can also be spread through the meat to people.

The meat served in dog meat restaurants is usually taken from many sources. Many of them are poisoned and stolen pets. Dog thieves usually use the extreme poison in order to kill these victim animals immediately. These poisoning substances might still remain in the meat, even after cooking, which is considered to be significantly hazardous for human consumption.

Regarding nutritions in dog meat, it is a rich source of protein, yet turns out to be risky if consumed by people with record of gout or hepatitis. Besides, pregnant women eating dog meat can lead to the increase of acid uric, which will be harmful for the foetus.


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