The difference between dog meat trade in China, Vietnam and Korea

While three countries all have the highest records amongst regions eating dogs as part of their cultural habits, dog meat trade in Korean seems to be a bit more humane than in China and Vietnam.

Although there are many dog meat restaurants are operating in Vietnam, there is nothing so-called ‘dog farm’ in this country until now. Most dogs to be butchered are stolen from the streets and this fact is obviously known by the eaters. The picture of dog meat trade is also similar in China. During Yulin, the annual festival of eating dog meat in China, it is believed that slaughtered dogs are mainly stolen pets despite the claim from the suppliers, insisting that these dogs are specifically raised for the purpose of eating only. The evidence of many dog collars found in the slaughter house has proved that the claim is just a way to deflect public criticism. As a result, many gangs of dog thief are doing really ‘good’ business barbarically, by trapping, bailing and stealing pets and re-selling them to the restaurants in these countries. Even worse, there have been several cases reported, that these thieves are caught and beaten to death by the pet owners and other villagers.

A dog thief is caught and bound by a group of Chinese villagers. Source: Daily Mail

In the end, the dog meat eating habit is not only inhumane in the way our pets is caught and butchered by evil-doers, but also inhumane in the way it triggers anger and fierceness inside us. It is not to argue whether killing a pet is more or less ethical than putting a man to death, but to emphasise the fact that, if we ever feel sorry for a loss of human life, feel the same for other animals co-existing with us on this planet as well.

Phuong Pham


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